6 May 2020

  • New videos added.

6 March 2019

  • Video's page updated.
  • 'Play video' page added.

10 December 2018

  • Updated poll design.
  • Fixed bug in pets tool.
  • Updated videos.
  • Replaced old 'Contact Us' platform with Messenger.
  • Layout changes.
  • Removed social icons animations.

19 November 2018

  • Updated videos.

11 June 2018

  • Various backend improvements.

8 April 2018

  • Added 'How to level up' guide to the website.
  • Categorised guides in the menu.

3 April 2018

  • Updated social icons in the header.
  • Updated the Font Awesome icons, and fixed issues.
  • Improved mobile accessibility by moving the menu to the bottom of the screen on mobile devices. So it's closer to your thumb ;)
  • Disabled anchor ads temporary until layout issues are resolved.

19 February 2018

  • Categorised Video page into subsections.

8 February 2018

  • Updated footer with current year.

23 January 2018

  • Fixed black bunny XP value in pets tool.
  • Added recent YouTube video's to Video page.
  • Updated video on the Home page.
  • Many performance and back-end updates.

16 Oktober 2017

  • Instagram added to social media icons!
  • Social media icons updated!
  • Let's play video added to Videos page!

25 July 2017

  • Video added to Trading Guide page!
  • Video added to Videos page!

22 July 2017

  • Wall of fame updated!

19 July 2017

  • Trading Guide added!

14 May 2017

  • Twitter social icon added!
  • Website now optimized for mobile devices!
  • Responsive design added.

8 May 2017

  • Pets tool, check images replaced by FontAwesome icons, so loading time is even faster!
  • Added animations to some buttons on the website!
  • Website uses SSL (https) for a secure connection, was added a while ago but now added to the changelog, forgot about that.

6 May 2017

  • Contact/Feedback system added
  • Added red beating heart to the footer

3 May 2017

  • Changelog page redesigned
  • Money Guide added
  • Social buttons added

25 April 2017

  • Brand new design
  • Changelog moved to seperate page
  • Menu moved to top of the page
  • YouTube subscribe button added

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