💎How to get Diamonds in Hay Day?!

DIAMONDS! In Hay Day Diamonds are a really special type of currency. It's the most precious one out there. You probably want more of it, that's the reason you came here I guess. So here I will tell you the ways you can make some awesome diamonds yourself in Hay Day!💎

In Hay Day there are many different ways to get some of those neat diamonds. Also if you want you can watch the video below that talks all about how you can get some diamonds as well.

  • Achievements: you can get some free diamonds in Hay Day by completing actievements. All of them give you at least one diamond but there are achievements that can give you more than 10 per achievement.
  • Catch new fish: By catching new fish in Hay Day you can get yourself some diamonds. After you've fished a new fish you can go to the fishing hut and open the book with fish and click the new fish you've catched!
  • Mystery nets: When in the fishing area you can use the net maker to make some Mystery Nets. After taking these in they could containt some beautiful diamonds.
  • Global events: By competing in global events you can get some good amount of diamonds. Every now and then there is an event going on, check the event board for events!
  • Maintenance: Hay Day is a huge game and therefore sometimes developers need to work a little bit on the game and you could not play it for some minutes. When this happens usually Supercell gives everyone some diamonds. Then they will send alfred the mailman to your farm, so keep an eye on alfred.
  • Movies: Every single day a movie ticket will appear on your farm. Clicking this will show you an advertisement, but after that you will be rewarded with a special item. This could be a diamond or another special item. 99% of the time you will get at least one diamond per day this way.
  • Mining: Another way to get diamonds is to mine! Blowing up some dynamite or TNT in the mine will sometimes reward you with some precious diamonds!
  • Mystery boxes: Mystery boxes will give you a Mystery item of course as the name says. But they will sometimes contain some diamonds and most of the times not one.
  • Mystery packages: When you help other farmers a lot you will receive some gift cards in your mailbox. These could be used to buy Mystery packages, and yes these also could include some diamonds, are lucky today?
  • Tom's Balloon: Sometimes Tom is holding a balloon showing that he is currently having a discount. But after a little while Tom will let this balloon go up in the air. When the balloon is flying away you can click it and will receive something special. Also this special thing could be some diamonds.
  • Derby: Almost at the end we have the derby, by taking part in this competition you and your neighbourhood can get many sweet rewards, including diamonds as you may have guessed.
  • Shop: Then the final way, in the Hay Day shop you can buy diamonds. But this will cost you real money. I recommend to do this when there is something special going on, usually around easter, christmas, halloween or other special days there are special offers in the shop. Usually a discount on the diamonds itself but also most of the times you will get some limited decorations.
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