💰How to get rich on Hay Day!

In this guide we'll get into everything you will need to know about coins on HayDay! What they are, how to acquire them and where to use them.

What are HayDay Coins?

To start we need to know what coins are in HayDay, and what they are used for. Coins are the main currency in HayDay. They are those beautiful golden pieces that spark so beautifully. But how many do you have? You can find the total amount of coins you have in the top right part of your screen.

What can you do with coins in HayDay?

Well, we know what coins are and how many we have, but what can we do with them? You can use coins on HayDay to buy farm items from the shop. Like some new animals, production buildings or new decoration pieces for your farm. You can also use coins to buy products from roadside shops of other players. This is especially useful when you really need some items and you're out of them, but you find it in someone's roadside shop. Make sure you have some extra of those golden coins laying around for these situations. Coins can also be used to buy customization options from Maggie. Keep on decorating! You may also need to have some coins for unlocking several areas such as the mine, the fishing lake and more. Have you already unlocked these areas? Then you won't need to spend coins on them again.

How to get coins on Hay Day?

But how do you acquire these beautiful golden pieces?
  • Truck Orders
    The first way to earn coins on HayDay is by completing truck orders. Truck orders are available to you from the beginning of the game, so no matter what level you are, you can make some coins by completing truck orders. As you level up truck orders will become more difficult and time consuming, which makes it in my opinion less attractive when your level increases. But keep your eye out if there are truck events going on, when there is a double coin truck event, this can definitely be worth the effort, even if you’re at a higher level.
  • Boat orders
    The second way you can earn some coins in HayDay is by completing boat orders. You can complete boat orders in exchange for coins, experience points, vouchers, puzzle pieces and leaderboard points. Orders are completed by filling crates of goods that are requested. Boat orders are one of the best ways in HayDay to earn some good old coins. The boat is unlocked at level 17, so it’s available to you pretty early in the game. Remember that you will have to repair the dock first, which costs you 14.000 coins. Use some of the other techniques explained here to save up this amount.
  • Town Orders
    Another way to fill up your coin pile is to complete town orders. Every once in a while a train arrives at your town with new visitors. These visitors have orders for you at some of your town buildings. When you complete these orders, those visitors will leave some good things for you. And it contains those golden coins for sure! But also other goodies like experience points, reputation and some random items when their needs are fulfilled. So make sure you drop by the town every once in a while to earn some coins. The town is unlocked at level 34 and you need 39.000 coins to repair the town's train station.
  • Visitors
    Every once in a while when you were collecting some products or when you were feeding your lovely farm pets, a visitor drops by. It might be Greg, Mike or Tilly. But whoever it is they don’t only visit your farm to look at it’s beauty, but they will come ask for some products in exchange for coins and experience points. Usually the amount of coins you get is lower than you would get in the technique I will describe next. But there is an exception! Wheat and corn can be easily sold to these visitors. These visitors usually give you less than the max price you can sell it for at your roadside shop, and since most items are sold easily at max price it would be a waste to sell it to visitors. You do get some experience points, 5 experience points, no matter what product you sold. Since wheat and corn are one of the few items that aren’t sold easy at full price, it is better to sell them to visitors. Also when there is an event going on that makes visitors give more coins things sometimes can be better sold to visitors. When that happens, just let the visitor wait, then check the max you would get in the roadside shop and compare it. If you get more in the roadside shop, sell it there, otherwise sell it to the visitor.
  • Bonus Tips
    Before we go over to the last and probably the best way to earn coins in HayDay there are some other ways you can earn some coins you might not know. Did you know you can also get coins in Hay Day from Mystery Boxes, they can be won by spinning the wheel of fortune or you can get some by popping Tom’s balloons. So with that said, let’s go to the final way!
  • Roadside Shop
    The last and by far the best way to earn coins in HayDay is in your Roadside Shop. Your Roadside shop is thé place on your farm where the real business happens. Here you can sell your goods for a price you want. Of course you can't sell corn for 1 million coins, there are maximum prices for the goods you sell. The maximum price you can sell it for depends on the item. The maximum price for corn is obviously lower, than the maximum price you can sell a diamond ring for! And you can easily sell most products at the maximum price if you advert in the newspaper. Only wheat, corn and a few other items tend to sell slower at maximum price. So how do you get a great profit from your Roadside Shop? Well, first of all, keep your production buildings, like the bakery or the barbecue, producing goods. As long as you are producing goods, you can sell those goods. And what better place to sell you're spare goods then the Roadside Shop? Of course if you need to use a production building for a boat order, use it to complete that, it will give you some experience and other items too. But production buildings that would otherwise do nothing, fire them up and let them make you some more coins!
  • Wheating
    There is one last technique you can use to earn some good amount of coins with your Roadside Shop in hayday. The technique is usually called "Wheating", I will quickly explain it to you, but a more detailed guide about this is coming soon, so make sure to check back here soon and subscribe to the HayDayGuides YouTube channel! "Wheating" is a technique in HayDay where you use your farm land to grow crops, usually wheat or corn. And you want to grow a lot of it. Why might you ask? Didn't you just tell me, wheat and corn aren't easily sold at the maximum price in the Roadside Shop? Yes, that's true, but with this technique it's not the wheat or corn that makes the coins, it is the special items that do. Every x amount of fields you harvest you can get a special item, like a bolt or some nails. And these can be sold for a lot of coins. And since you wheat and corn grow quick, you can harvest a lot more fields in a smaller amount of time. Therefore you will get more special items, and you can sell all of these in your Roadside Shop for a lot and a lot of coins.

So now you know what coins are in Hay Day, what you can use them for and most important of all, how YOU can get them! I hope this guide helped you, if it did then consider reading our other Hay Day Guides. Also take a look at the HayDayGuides YouTube channel and consider subscribing, it will be very much appreciated! ❤️ Happy Farming!

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