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Money, Money, Money! It's all about the money, even in Hay Day. You probably came on this page because you want more money in Hay Day. Well you came to the right spot! I'm going to teach you how you can make more money in Hay Day. We are going to use a technique called "Wheating". Yes it has something to do with wheat ;)

What is wheating

Wheating is a technique to get a ton of expansion items. Barn, Silo and Land expansion items. You also get a lot of Axes, Saws, Dynamite, TNT, Shovels and Pickaxes. Now you may ask yourself but what about the money?! Well the part of making money is in selling these items, since these sell for a lot of coins. Selling 10 land expansion items give you over 4000 coins! That's the part that makes you rich!

How does it work?

Wheating works by planting as much wheat as possible. Then you wait 2 minutes and harvest all your wheat. It depends on how much fields you have, but if you have 30 fields or more you may have received a special item already. Now you fill your fields again with wheat. And sell the wheat you have left in your roadside shop, to avoid an overfilled silo. You can sell wheat at 1 coin for 10 wheat, this is not a lot but it sells quick so you can fill your shop again when you harvest your wheat again. You plant and harvest and sell your wheat now, for a while. In the meantime you will receive a lot of special items. I recommend to sell these items 10 at a time, this because when you sell 10 pieces you receive more coins per item then selling them seperate. You can also do this with corn if you want, these you can sell in the shop at 20 coins for 10 corn. Is something not clear to you? I've made a video on how to do this.

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