How to trade in Hay Day?

Need more expansion items? Do you have a ton of bolts but need more nails for your upgrade? Then you arrived on the right page! On this page you will learn how to trade on Hay Day. When trading you can upgrade your barn and silo much quicker and expand your land a lot quicker. Now let's get started with the guide.

What is trading?

Trading is a way in Hay Day to exchange items with other players. You can do this with anyone who has the roadside shop unlocked. It's important to keep in touch with the person you trade with. You can do this easily via Facebook messenger or any other messaging applications. Also you need to find someone to trade with. You can find these in facebook groups. Just search for "Hay Day Trading" on facebook and you can find many groups to join. When you want to make a trade make a post in the group like: "I have 20 bolts need 20 nails.". That would be fine. Now you have to wait for a response or look in the group if there is anyone willing to trade nails as well. When someone responded have contact via Facebook messenger or any other messenging apps. Share your in HayDay user tag to find each others farm or add the other person on facebook. Also make sure you have everything made clear about the trade. That's all for the part that happens outside of the game. Now let's start up Hay Day!

Let's Trade!

Now you have started up the game, usually the first person who puts the items in the roadside shop is the one with the lowest level. Before you put your items in the roadside shop, sell some wheat (usually 1 wheat for 1 coin). Here you can make sure that the other person is in your roadside shop waiting for the items. Make sure you DO NOT put the items in the newspaper! Now when the wheat has been sold to the other person, put the items you want to trade in your roadside shop. You can sell these for full price, standard price or 1 coin. Make sure you make this clear in the deal. I recommend full price if you have never traded with the person, because there might be scammers who run away with your items, if that happens you atleast still have the coins for it. When the first items have been delivered to the right person, go to the other roadside shop and wait for the wheat and then buy the items you requested. Afterwards thank the other person for the trade! Now you have the items you need for your next expansion!

Thank You!
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