⭐ How to level up in Hay Day?

Levinging up in Hay Day is one of the main goals you have in the game. When leveling up you can unclock new items, areas, machines and animals. So it is important to get as much experience as possible to level up your farm. This way you can expand it and make it more beautiful.😍

What is XP (Experience)?

Experience (XP) are the blue stars you get doing tasks on your farm. To level up you need a certain amount of XP, this is different for every level. But you need more XP every level you level up. You can see how much XP you need in the bar at the top of the screen. For example I'm now at level 54 and the bar shows me I need 201.000 experience points to level up. Right now I have about 112.300, so I am slightly over 50%.

How do you get Experience Points?

You can get experience on Hay Day in different ways. The first way you can get XP is by harversing your crops. Every crop gives you a different amount of XP, crops that take longer give you more XP than crops that grow quick like wheat. The second way to earn XP is by collecting items from production buildings, the XP you get also is different for every single item. To get the most XP possible keep your machines running all of the time! Let's get to the next way to earn XP, truck orders. This is also an easy way to earn some good XP and also some coins at the same time. Boat orders also give you XP and coins like the truck orders. But here you can also help others fill their boats and gain XP from there as well. Next we have the town, by serving people here you can make some more great experience. It also gives you coins and some useful items. Let's get to the next way to level up. This is by keeping your animals and pets happy on your farm, this is one of the easiest ways to get some extra XP towards your next level in Hay Day. Next we have selling to visitors, this gives you only 5 XP but every XP counts if you want to level up quick! Next we have reviving other farmers bushes and trees. This is a way to get XP that does not cost you anything just 2 seconds to click on the bush or tree and you get about 12 XP. That are the ways you can earn XP in Hay Day but if you want a little boost you can activate an XP booster that gives you more XP for a given time. Want to watch the video about how to level up in Hay Day? Check it out below

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